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Diagnostic Tests

Types of Tests

X-Ray Services

For your convenience, our diagnostic X-rays are done on site at our office, in a comfortable, welcoming environment. We offer you the latest state-of-the-art technology, to provide the best diagnostic evaluation on which to base your treatment plan. All X-rays are taken by a certified radiology technologist and read and evaluated by your physician.

MRI Services

We are proud to offer in-office MRI services. MRI is an essential diagnostic tool utilized by our orthopedic surgeons to assist in your diagnosis. It provides a view into the human body to compliment x-rays and other diagnostic techniques. Our MRI is a wide bore system providing for a relaxed and comfortable exam. Learn more about our MRI services.

CT Scan

A CT scan is a technically complex diagnostic imaging system that is noninvasive, fast, and painless. It combines x-rays with computer technology to produce images at different angles to diagnose injuries of the bones, soft tissues, and joints. Learn more about CT scans.

Local Facilities

The local diagnostic facilities we use include:

Blood Tests

For blood work, we use one of several local laboratories:

Blood tests are also done pre-surgery and in-patient at the hospital.

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