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Trigger Finger Release

What is trigger finger surgery?

Trigger finger is the term used to describe a medical condition that causes one of your fingers to click, snap or become stuck in the bent position. Sometimes, the finger will eventually pop back into a straightened position, but for some, the finger is never able to fully straighten without medical attention. Trigger finger release surgery is a procedure used to release the pressure on the irritated tendon in your finger that is causing the finger to get stuck. At Orthopedic Associates of Northern California, we specialize in orthopedic hand and wrist surgery and have extensive experience providing patients with both conservative and surgical procedures to alleviate the discomfort and immobility associated with trigger finger.

Why is trigger finger surgery used?

Our orthopedic surgeons might recommend trigger finger surgery when conservative options have not relieved the following symptoms of trigger finger:

  • Finger stiffness
  • Finger snapping, clicking, or popping sensation when moving a finger
  • Finger pain
  • Finger locking or freezing in the bent position
  • Finger that stays stuck or suddenly pops straight again
  • Finger tenderness, especially around finger joints
  • Bump at the base of your finger

What does trigger finger surgery involve?

The goal of trigger finger surgery is to restore the motion of your finger while reducing tendon inflammation. When visiting our orthopedic practice for trigger finger surgery, you can expect the following:

  • Your surgeon will make a small incision in your palm.
  • The sheath that surrounds the tendon is cut to release pressure from the irritated tendon and allow the tendon to glide smoothly.
  • Your incision is carefully closed and stitched.
  • A soft cotton bandage is placed on the hand.

We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and safe return to your normal activities following trigger finger surgery, so we take every necessary step to guide you through your recovery. This might include coordinating your physical therapy or prescribing medication following your procedure.

What are the benefits of having trigger finger surgery?

Some of the many benefits of entrusting our skilled providers with your trigger finger surgery include:

  • Trigger finger pain relief
  • Restored finger movement and function
  • Ability to return to your normal activities
  • Experienced and caring orthopedic surgeons
  • Evidence-based orthopedic surgery techniques
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